Years 3 & 4 Weekly Roundup, Term 1 Week 5

This week there has been a lot of cutting and sticking in Years 3/4!

Our big project of the week has been to make our shields which we designed last week.
The children were all given a piece of cardboard on which they had to cut out their shape for the shield. This involved some difficult cutting skills which they all mastered very well.

Then, they had to draw the outline of their design and use a mosaic technique to fill in with the colours they decided on their design. To finish, they painted a gold outline and added some extra detail. The majority of children have finished and they look fantastic!

This weeks topic of non-chronological reports has been very difficult and we are going to spend some more time working on this. The children are working hard to understand the concepts and know the features well.

Both classes have really enjoyed maths this week. Year 4 started with a symmetry task with their name and have continued to look at shapes. They have worked hard to learn new vocabulary of types of shapes and triangles!

Year 3 have also looked at shapes this week and can find lines of symmetry in shapes. They know the names of shapes really well!Year 4 have moved on from looking at the digestive system and have been researching different animals and their diets.

Year 3 have also been looking at animals and used their knowledge from maths to sort animals in to a Venn diagram. After finishing that, the children have learnt the different names of bones in our body.

After using glue this week, we have noticed that not every child has glue with them. The rest of he children have been very kind and shared their glue but could everybody please ensure that their child brings glue to school 🙂

Also, although the majority of children have all of their notebook, there are some children who are missing some.  Paper is being used but this can be easily lost or misplaced.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend!
Miss Tammy.

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