Years 5 & 6 Weekly Roundup, Term 1 Week 5

This week in Literacy we continued our unit of work on Northern Lights by Phillip Pullman.

After reading a section of the book the children then created their own graphic of what they thought happened next.
We learnt what the northern lights are and the science behind this amazing and beautiful phenomenon.

For homework in a cross curricular activity the children need to create their own newspaper article on the northern lights.

2013 © Christopher Martin

In Topic we learnt about Gallipoli and the role of the British Empire troops in this historic battle. The children also continued with their World War 1 Scrap Books.


In Numeracy:

Year 6
Found equivalent fractions, simplified fractions using multiples and factors, compared and ordered fractions with unrelated denominators and found unit and non-unit fractions of amounts.
For homework the children need to complete an activity sheet on finding fractions of amounts.

Year 5
Found equivalent fractions, compared fractions with related denominators simplified fractions using factors, and found unit and non-unit fractions of amounts.
For homework the children need to complete an activity sheet on fraction of amounts.

In Science:

Year 6 learnt how to take their pulse rate, comparing theirs with other members of the class. The children then showed the results on a bar chart.We also conducted an experiment where we compared pulse rate before, during and after exercising. We have not finished this experiment and will complete it next week. They will then plot their results on a line graph.

The children also presented their wonderful research posters on William Harvey, the scientist responsible for discovering the circulation system as we know it.

Year 5 enjoyed completing a variety of activity sheets on the Moon and its phases, the Earth and Sun and eclipses.
We talked about the moon appearing in the night sky at the moment as a waning crescent and how over the week-end it will become a new moon. I hope the children will continue each night to monitor the different phases.

We also wish Lola good luck in her New Moon Race for charity over the week-end.

Both Year 5 and Year 6 also have spelling lists for the week. This week the words are homophones and relate to our new topic of Recounts in Literacy next week.


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