Nursery and Reception Weekly Roundup, Term 1 Week 4

In class this week we have been looking at patterns and making our own repeating patterns, practicing counting out loud to 20, reviewing the color words and reading stories about journeys.

Linked to the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears we have been talking about feelings (Baby Bear was sad when Golilocks ate his porridge and broke his chair, Mummy and Daddy Bear were cross) and the difference between fantasy and reality (Do bears really live in houses and sit on chairs? Do bears really eat porridge? Where do bears live? What do bears eat?)

Suggestions for activities at home:

  • Ask your child what makes them happy, sad and cross
  • When you read books together at home ask your child if the story is really only pretend or could happen
  • If you go out this weekend or during the coming week, eg to the supermarket, the park, to visit family, talk about how you got there (walking, by car, etc.) and the things that you saw on the way.
  • Go on a color walk and ask your child to point out something red, blue, green, etc.
  • Look for patterns in the environment and encourage your child to make their own repeating pattern. You can do this with almost anything; Lego bricks, colored pasta, coloring pencils and paper, etc.
  • Practise the vocabulary fat and thin, full and empty, big, middle-sized and little in different contexts, eg make fat and thin sausages with plasticine, fill and empty containers at bath time, sort toys into big sort, middle-sized and little.

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