Years 1 and 2 Weekly Roundup, Term 1 Week 3

What a week for Year 1. They have been extremely busy and have worked incredibly hard. Year 1 are completing a great deal of work that is completely new to them and they are doing an amazing job.

This has been a very productive week. The children have been investigating new mathematical techniques and also have been making real progress with their handwriting skills.

They have also been learning about the five senses in science. This is something they have particularly enjoyed and have offered some great ideas and asked some amazing questions.

Keep up the good work year 1!

And of course Year 2! Wow, what a fantastic week.

Year 2 have been learning many new techniques and have been learning how to improve their handwriting and also their spellings.

This week year 2 have worked extremely hard. They have been learning how to complete various multiplications and have grasped a new technique to do so.

We have been learning many facts about the Great Fire of London and the children now know exactly how the fire started, where it started and how the fire was stopped. They have been investigating all the facts and events of the Great Fire and have really enjoyed re-creating their own vision of the event. They have really enjoyed the challenge of a new subject.

In science we have been investigating life cycles and will be learning about frogs next week.

The children are developing some excellent literacy skills and have also begun to complete spelling tests.

Fantastic Year 2!

Both Years 1 and 2 completed a great art activity this week. They had to create a giant treasure map that was to be used in their computing lesson. This was a great activity and gave the children a chance to work together as a group and also let their imaginations run wild.

This was very enjoyable as you will see from the pictures!



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