Nursery and Reception Weekly Roundup, Term 1 Week 3

Dear Parents,

We have had another busy and exciting week in the Nursery and Reception class. We have continued to do activities linked to the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Yesterday we made some porridge, which most of the children enjoyed eating afterwards! If you eat porridge at home, involve your child in the preparation process; what do we need to make porridge, what do we do first, next, etc………

You need: a bowl, a spoon, oats (copas avenas), milk, honey and a microwave. (It is also possible to prepare porridge on the hob but in school we used the microwave).

More activities to try at home to support learning in school:

>1. Number recognition; Nursery 1 – 3, then 1 – 5, then up to 10, depending on the numbers your child already  knows, Reception 1 – 10, then up to 20 if your child can already confidently recognise numbers up to 10.

2. Look for numbers in the environment; on clocks, buses, around the house, in the supermarket, etc.

3. Reread Goldilocks and the Three Bears and practice the repeating language, e.g. “Whose been eating my porridge/sitting on my chair/sleeping in my bed?” And reinforce the vocabulary, e.g. bowl, spoon, porridge, bed, chair, etc.

4. Reception only; talk about the letters in your child’s name, do they know all the sounds that the letters in their name make? Talk about which vowels are in your child’s name (a, e, i, o, u) they are the busiest letters!5. Nursery only; practice recognising own name.

6. Explore the concepts of full and empty (again linked to the story). Goldilocks ate Baby Bear’s porridge so his bowl is empty, Mummy and Daddy Bear’s bowls are full. You can to this with bottles, boxes, etc.Miss Claire

Would anyone like to join us for a picnic? Fantastic independent work by two of our Nursery students.


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