Years 3 and 4 Weekly Roundup, Term 1, Week 2


Year 3 and 4 have been settling down well back to school and have made progress already!
We have done a lot of exciting things this week and started some new lessons. This week the children had their first PE, karate and computing lessons which they told me they really enjoyed.

We started to look in more details about the Vikings and watched a video to give us some background information.


A few days after this we looked at a Viking timeline. We played a medley game to try and memorise important events and then put them in order in our books.


Year 3 produced some great homework with the Viking facts and shared some with the class, well done!
Year 4 also wrote some very well written instructions and included everything we have worked on last week, great!

Year 4 have started to make a 3D digestive system which is looking really good…when this is displayed I’m sure it will help them to remember the parts and also teach year 3. Good team work!!

Don’t forget to practice your spellings this week & to do your homework!
Year 3: Viking game & facts
Year 4: Viking game & maths recap (don’t forget to use a number line to help and look out to see if it’s – or + )

….and most importantly, have a fantastic weekend! 🙂image4

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