Richmond’s New Meal Caterer

Richmond has changed its lunch provider, and is excited to collaborate this year with Scolarest, a renowned and respected educational catering company.

Menus are designed with the aid of dietitians and nutrition experts, focusing on local products and recipes. Meals are also served by certified Scolarest monitors on site.

From their website: “For Scolarest, the most important thing is to feed the students with quality products and varied recipes. It is also essential to design nutritionally balanced menus according to the age and needs of the students, designed by our quality department and nutritionists. We buy quality raw materials,  giving priority to local suppliers to promote the economic and social growth of the area. Our monitors are specially trained and they work closely with each center. Our Gastronomy Plan is based on healthy menus which are festive, local and sustainable, and seeks to break with routines and expand horizons. The profound changes in the family and society have made ​​us evolve and so we have designed our own philosophy based on the concepts EAT, LEARN, LIVE.

Parents should have received a printed menu for September, but you can also always find the monthly menu on the Richmond blog. Bon profit! Buen provecho! Bon apetit!

scolarest food

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