Year 1 Weekly Roundup, Term 1, Weeks 1 and 2

What a great first two weeks for Year 1!
They have been amazing. They have welcomed all the new students into the group and have formed into an amazing class.
We have covered many new topics and they have had a variety of new subjects. They have begun to learn Spanish and Catalan and also are having drama class conducted in French. They have found this very exciting and have been really pushing themselves.


Hello and a big welcome back to all the Richmond families and children.
What an exciting week it has been. Many positive changes and a new routine for Year 1. We have begun our new literacy topic in which we have started to look at familiar stories. The children have really enjoyed this and have completed some amazing work.

The children were very excited to begin the topic of the Great Fire of London and were amazed by the oceans and seas Geography project.

What a great first week! Well done!


This week has been a very busy one. We are settling down to work and have been exploring deeper into the new topics and subjects the children will be learning.

Year 1 have been working hard to improve their handwriting skills and learning phonics in more detail. They have also been investigating new techniques in numeracy which they have all worked really hard on.

I am extremely proud of the way the children have made the transition from Reception to Year 1.
Homework has gone home for the first time and the children were very excited about this. A great sign for a fantastic year.

Well done Year 1!

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