News and Photos from Nursery and Reception

Dear Parents,
The children have had an enjoyable first week in class, are settling in well and their teacher has survived!
Firstly, a couple of reminders:
1. If you have not already done so please send a change bag to school. If your child has an accident I will send the bag home for you to replace the contents. Please ensure that the bag and the clothing all have your child’s name on them.
2. If you have not already done so please supply four passport-sized photographs of your child and a larger photo for the classroom wall.
From next week we will no longer have a snack in the morning. Please continue to send a bottle of water to school with your child and an afternoon snack that must be fruit.
The Nursery and Reception children line up at the gate at 16:10 at hometime and the gate is opened punctually at 16:15. It is important that you please endeavour to arrive punctually at 16:15 so we can hand your children back to you before the older children arrive at the gate. This is for your children’s safety.
Below are the words for two of the rhymes that we have been learning in class this week that the children have especially enjoyed. Say the rhymes with your child and see if they can join in with you and show you the actions.
Five little monkeys swinging in a tree
Teasing Mr Crocodile, “You can’t catch me, you can’t catch me.”
Along comes Mr Crocodile as hungry as can be and SNAP
Gobble you up for dinner!
Four little monkeys………….
Three little monkeys…………
Two little monkeys………
One little monkey……..
No little monkeys swinging in the tree
Mr Crocodile is happy
As happy as can be
Little fish swimming by, izzy izzy izzy, izzy izzy izzy,
Great big shark by his side, izzy izzy izzy, izzy izzy izzy,
See the mouth open wide, izzy izzy izzy, izzy izzy izzy,
Little fish swim inside……….. no no no no no no no no!
Miss Claire


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