Year 2’s Last Homework of the Year!

This week children have practiced the song for assembly. We learned the vocabulary from the song, they wrote it and practiced reading and singing with the correct pronunciation.

Kids have done an amazing job memorizing and singing the song, congratulations to all in advance for their participation in Assembly.

The children have done a good job in their spellings. Words for further practice will be written in the last page of their books. Please make sure kids complete the first and second try. That will be the last class from the term.

This week the kids have done quick subtractions and additions. Also this week, we have done a general review from all topics. We have practiced counting money and they have memorized multiplications and divisions with coins.

The kids have increased their numerical memory and counting skills. I am pleased to see that they have learned a lot this last term. I am very proud of them! Continue working very hard in Numeracy during summer vacation, I am sure that they will not forget if they practice what they have learned.

This week we continued talking about China, and its costumes and traditions. The kids have made drawings and we have described life styles, food and Chinese architecture of temples and houses.

Next week we will decorate the classroom with Chinese lamps, posters, drawings and dragons.

Please read with your child 10 minutes every day. Make sure they understand what they are reading. We will need to help them increase their vocabulary.

It has been amazing for me to have had your childrenĀ as students, and we have had a lot of fun learning! I will miss them a lot during this summer vacation.

Thank you for your support, sympathy and dedication to your children.
Have a lovely weekend, and an extremely fun summer vacation!

With sincerest appreciation,
Ms. Sharon

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