Corpus Christi a Smashing Success!

First of all, a huge, huge THANK YOU to all of the parents and students who turned out on Sunday to make this year’s Corpus Christi event such a tremendous success. It was really great to see everyone working together toward a common goal, and the hard work and diligence of everyone who took part truly showed in the final results.

Corpus Christi is a very special holiday in Sitges, one that brings together various schools, social and religious organizations to create something beautiful yet ephemeral. It was amazing to see both tourists and locals alike marvel at Richmond’s contribution. One local resident, an elderly woman, was even moved to tears by the sight, as the particular street that Richmond decorated had been unused and desolate on Corpus for years.

A heartfelt thanks to Joan, who was Richmond’s heart, soul, and mastermind behind the event, and once more to all of the families who made the day a memorable one. And now, please enjoy the photos, many of which were graciously supplied by Parsa’s dad.

If you would like to check out more photos of the day, go to’s extensive gallery of the event. We hope you all enjoyed this year’s festivities as much as we did!

visit sitges photo


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