Year 7 T-Shirt Design Competition

Hello we are Rebecca and Gerard. We won the t-shirt competition!

Rebecca: I chose to do the t-shirt about the butterflies because the butterflies are very important because of their pollination. The pollination make the trees and the flowers grow, and we need the trees to live because without them we cannot breathe anymore. We are destroying their habitat by building houses, deforestation, insecticides…

butterfly shirt

Gerard: I chose to do a t-shirt about the dolphins because they are being extinguished and I think that we all love them. Each time that the fishermen are fishing with enormous nets they are destroying all the sea environment including dolphins, coral reefs,… also we throw things into the sea so that contaminates and kills marine life so I want to give support to save the dolphins.

dolphin shirt

Congratulations Rebecca and Gerard, and well done to all of the entrants as well! Let’s help save endangered species!


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