Year 2 Homework for May 25 – 29

This week we talked about mystery stories. Kids were excited about using new vocabulary to include in their writing. In addition, we included some words of the spelling test so they could see the link to Literacy class. Practice at home reading short mystery stories and use the vocabulary (cobweb, shed, owl, hammer, wood, lightning, rain, mysterious, dark).
Kids now will do spelling tests on Fridays so they have time to study. Words for next week will be written in the spelling book. Please make sure they complete the First and Second try.

This week children continued practicing place value of numbers, multiplication, division, and we started measuring weight. Practice at home with different things and different weights, compare and add 20kg, 10kg, 15kg and 5 kg. You can use a balance.

Geography and History
This week we talked about Christopher Columbus and his voyage to America. We learned different countries in America. Practice at home asking your child the names of different countries from North America and South America. Also ask them who was Christopher Columbus and when did he discover America. (You could use a map to illustrate the location of the countries).

Please read with your child 10 minutes every day. Make sure they understand what they are reading. We will need to help them increase their vocabulary.
Have a wonderful week!
Ms. Sharon

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