Nursery and Reception: The Musical Giants!

What a day! Joan was playing a call for cuckoos, but all the kids wanted to see an elephant, not a little bird.
So…we had to build a call for elephants using some items we found in the bin.

In fact, the bin was a perfect sound box, and we used it to have a wind instrument like the tuba. (Yes, it sounds like an elephant!)

Then we found a piece of string, and we built a string instrument using the same bin! The double bass needs a sound box, as well…

And what about the percussion instruments? Yes! They need a sound box too.

We learnt how to amplify the sound of our lips, a string or a beat just using a sound box, and we listened to the wind, string and percussion musical giants: Tuba, double bass and bass drum.


Thanks a lot, see you soon!


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