Richmond Corpus Christi 2015

Next week we’ll start our designs for Corpus in Sitges! Like last year, students have been asked to come up with original designs to help plan our display.

Sunday June 7th, Richmond International School students will participate in Sitges’ Corpus festivity. Our flower carpet will be in Sant Pau street, and it’s going to be a great family event. Saturday night some parents will draw the design on the grou, and then the families can come early in the morning (7h) to start the flower carpet. Our street is just by the beach, so we can organise lunch and some activities such as volleyball or swimming after doing the carpet… let’s see!     

The first step is the design of our flower carpet. The students in years 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 must bring a proposal. We’ll select one, and that will be the basis for the final design of our carpet.

 Colors and materials:

Red, pink, white and yellow carnations. (whole flowers or just the leaves)

Green: grass and cypress. 

Yellow: Flor de Sant Joan and rice husk.

Green and yellow must be the most important colours, because we don’t have many carnations!

Size: 2m wide x 80m long.

Student must submit a drawing on a A4 sheet or two sheets, coupled with adhesive tape on the short side.

This pattern will be repeated a few times, depending on the final length of our carpet. (aprox. 80m.)

We recommend looking at examples online, and avoiding overly-complicated drawings or small details.

Here are some photos from last year for inspiration!

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