Year 7’s Trip to Barcelona’s Olympic Stadium

On March 3rd Year 7 went to Montjuic to see the Olympic stadium of Barcelona, where the Olympics in 1992 took place.

They explained to us a lot of things like how the mountain Montjuic got its name. It is called that because there was a Jewish cemetery there, and in English ‘Montjuic’ means Mount of the Jews.

The stadium was built in 1929 and in 1992 it was renovated; at that time they also built Palau San Jordi. Nowadays the stadium is used for concerts and major sporting events.

We also went to the museum and at the entrance we saw the steps of some players that had been in the Olympics, like Michael Jordan. Inside we learned more about the Olympics.

At 14:00 we went to have a picnic and to play some football after lunch. Finally we arrived at the Sants station, caught our train, and went again to Sitges. When we arrived back at school we picked up our things and we went with our parents – the trip was over.

We had a great time and learned a lot!

Thanks to Mr Hall and Mr Angel who organised the trip and came with us!

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