Homework for March 9 – 13

Richmond students have a busy week!


The homework this week is to talk about sharing. We are having a few difficulties with some of the toys. Next week we are going to focus on being friends and being kind to each other.


Activities based on the nursery rhyme “The Man in the Moon” including: practice writing own name, pencil control, recognising and repeating two-part patterns, identifying things from a set of objects which can burn you and finding a route on a simple map.
Year 1
Numeracy: Subtraction. A simple revision sheet for the children to complete to practice subtraction.

Literacy: Spellings. Well done to everyone for practicing their spellings at home. Today the children wrote them all out for me and I was very impressed with the whole class!  I have written some new words in their books to practice at home on separate paper.

I have also given a short worksheet to practice the Magic ‘E’ and simple comprehension sentences.

Basic Skills: The children must match up the animals to the sentences.

I look forward to seeing you all on Monday ready for our trip to the farm!

Year 2

Literacy: This week we practiced reading and writing sentences with the 5 senses. Practice touch, smell, see, hear and taste. You should ask your child: What can you do with your eyes? “I can see”. Make sure they remember the 5 senses and what they can do with them. We have also practiced spelling and phonics this week, kids have done a great job in their spellings! Word for next week will be written in the spelling book. Please make sure they complete the First and Second try.

Numeracy: This week children have practiced odd and even numbers. They have done an amazing effort. This weekend they need to continue practicing which are the odd and the even numbers up to 100. Complete the papersheet. Make sure they now the difference. Next week we will start with simple divisions.

We also practiced times tables. Practice at home multiplications (2,5, and 10)

Science: We talked about the importance of animal care. They discovered that all living creatures need food and water, exercise, kept clean, love and care, vaccination, go to the vet, a nice place to live and toys. Ask your child: what do you need to do if you have a pet?

Geography: We continue discovering the world, continents and oceans, ask your child the name of the continents and the oceans and try to find them in the world map including Antarctica.

Continents: North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania (Australia) and Antarctica. Oceans: Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Southern Ocean and Arctic Ocean. Here is a world map that can be printed at home.

Please read with your child 10 minutes every day. Make sure they understand what they are reading; we will need to help them increase their vocabulary.

Year 3

Literacy: This week we have been learning about different grammar. We have looked at different adverbs, Pronouns and prefixes. The children have learned how to apply them to their literacy work. Please can the children complete the sheet provided.

Numeracy: The children have been investigating how to complete extended addition. This is a technique to help them firstly, be able to work out additions using larger numbers and secondly to help them understand place value.

History: As you are aware the children have been learning about Anglo Saxons. I would like them to complete the first part of the booklet.They must draw a front cover, then finish the villages section.

Year 4
Less challenging:
English:Spelling: Learn spelling words on p.50 Do NOT do the exercises. Test on Wednesday.
Grammar: Do the exercises on nouns p. 8.Maths: Complete Maths on Fractions and decimals.
More challenging:
English: Spelling: Learn spelling words on p.50 and do exercises p.51 on the provided paper. Test on Wednesday.
Punctuation: Do the exercises on p. 42.Maths: Complete Maths on Fractions and decimals.
Year 5 
Literacy: This week we have been looking at Report and Journalistic writing, focusing on the difference between direct and reported speech. This unit of work is based around the story Tuesday, written by David Wiesner.  For homework the children need to write a police report of the events that took place on that Tuesday night. An example of one is given on the other side of the homework sheet and we have already gone through that in class. The children may want to watch this lovely story, which you will find below, at home.

They also have a missing word/ spelling activity to complete.

Numeracy: For homework the children have an activity sheet on adding and subtracting decimal numbers.

Science: The children have a moon phase chart that starts on Monday 9th March.They must look for the moon every night for the next month and then draw the shape they see on their chart.

PSHE: This ongoing project is where the children teach the class about a special topic they have an interest in. We have already seen some fantastic ones on Australia, Titanic, London, Antarctica and Holland. We look forward to some more!

Year 6

Art: Finish off Victorian London picture.
History: Finish the storyboard of Victoria´s coronation.
Drama: Learn lines for Macbeth

Year 7

English: Work your essay about how William Shakespeare shows that Richard III is malevolent

Geography: Complete work on industry

History: Complete work on China in the middle ages

Maths: Keep working through the worksheets

Spanish: Leer los poemas de Rafael Alberti y contestar las preguntas.

Drama: Learn your lines for Richard III

Year 8

English: Finish analysing the article about War Child UK

Geography: Complete worksheets about weather and climate

History: Practise speaking your persuasive speech

Maths: Keep working through the algebra worksheets

Spanish: Acabar los ejercicios de la B/V

Catalan: Fer les activitats dels determinants i dels emmudiments voc[alic i l’apostrofacio’.

Drama: Learn your lines for the performance of Romeo and Juliet


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