Homework for March 2 – 6


The children have a worksheet based on the nursery rhyme “Twinkle, twinkle, little star”. Our current topic is “Transport and Journeys” and as a result of talking about flying, aeroplanes, rockets, etc, we then got onto talking about the solar system, why we have seasons, night and day, etc, and the class are truly fascinated by it.
Exercises include name practice, colouring in, matching pairs, drawing/recognising sets of 2 and formation of the number 2, and the use of the prepositions “above” and “below”.

Year 1

For homework this week I would like the children to complete the following tasks:

Numeracy: Number Families.The children must find the number bonds and write them in the boxes.

Literacy: Spellings.The children will receive Spelling Books this week.  Inside the books will be a selection of words that they need to practice reading and writing. There is space inside the book to practice, but I would prefer the children to do it the first few times on separate paper.

There will not be any formal spelling tests this term.

Science: Rough and Smooth. I would like the children to look around the house for different objects and identify whether they are rough and smooth and record their results in the chart.

Year 2

Literacy: This week we practiced vocabulary and verbs. Ask your child words with the letter b and thing about sentences with those words check spelling (bucket, balloon, bee, boat, bicycle, bear). Use verbs: (Clean, jump, ride, fly, eat). We have also practiced spelling and phonics this week, kids have done a great job spelling! Spelling homework will be written in the spelling book. Please make sure they complete the First and Second try.

Numeracy: This week children have practiced multiplications. Times tables (2, 5 and 10) Please make sure they are practicing and memorizing them. They have done a great effort. This weekend they need to continue practicing.

We also practiced measuring in centimeters with the ruler. If you have a ruler at home ask them to draw lines of 10, 15, 20, 30, and 25 cm.

They are improving their skills very fast!

Science: We talked about human life cycle. Practice at home the 4 stages: baby, boy or girl (childhood) teenager and adult (adulthood), ask them: In which stage are you?

Please read with your child 10 minutes every day. Make sure they understand what they are reading; we will need to help them increase their vocabulary, when they are ready, we will give them a new book to help them increase their fluency.

Year 3 

Literacy: This week the children have been looking at pronouns. We have been learning how to change sentences to make them sound and flow better. They began working on an exercise which I would like them to complete individually, as part of an on going assessment.

Numeracy: We have once again been looking at different aspects of division and multiplication. This is aimed at building on the skills gained in the previous weeks. I would like the children to complete the worksheets enclosed.

Geography: The children have been learning all about the different aspects of Spanish life. I would like them to complete the information sheet provided. This will involve them investigating Spanish culture from different areas of the country.

Year 4

More Challenging Group:

English: Spelling: Learn spelling words on p.46 and do exercises p.47 on the provided paper. Test on Wednesday.
Punctuation: Do the exercises on speech marks on p. 40.

Maths: Complete Maths on Fractions.

Less Challenging Group:

English: Spelling: Learn spelling words on p.46 Do NOT do the exercises. Test on Wednesday.
Grammar: Do the exercises on nouns p. 7.

Maths: Complete Maths on Fractions.

Notices for Parents

This homework is for Friday 6th of March. There are now two sets of homework. If you feel that your child finds this too easy, please indicate it in the diary and they shall be given the other set. Please remember to read and sign the diaries.

Los deberes de esta semana se deberán entregar el viernes 6 de marzo. Ahora hay dos formatos de deberes diferentes. Si pensáis que estos deberes son demasiado fáciles para su hijo/a, por favor indíquenlo en la agenda y le daremos los otros deberes. Por favor recuerden leer y firmar las agendas cada día.

Thank you! Muchas gracias!

Mr. Alzuria

Year 5

Literacy/ History: In this cross curricular activity the children need to write a letter from the point of view as a person from Ancient Greek times. The letter should include facts and information that they have learnt during this topic.

Numeracy: This week the children need to complete another activity sheet on Area and Perimeter of shapes. I will be giving them a quiz on this topic during the next week.

Science: As part of our new topic the children are to create a solar system for display in the classroom. This can take on any form that they like and inspires them.

Year 6

English and drama: Learn your lines for the Macbeth performance. Make sure you are working on your vocabulary book.

Maths: Make your model of heart and write about it. Practise your problem solving.

Year 7

English: Re-read act IV scene IV

History: Complete work sheet on China in the middle ages

Geography: Find out who won the gold medals at the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games

Maths: Make sure you understand how to do simple equations

Science: Write your laboratory report about the experiment we carried out last week

Year 8 

English: Work on your poster analysing your magazine front cover

History: Write your persuasive speech either prosecuting or defending Charles I

Geography: Complete worksheet on how air pressure affects the weather

Maths: Work on the statistics

Science: Prepare your presentations

Drama: Learn your lines from Romeo and Juliet

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