Homework for February 16 – 27

We hope that everyone had a marvelous holiday. Here is the homework for the break, and you have some extra time to get it done! Enjoy!


Inline images 1This week in Nursery we will be looking at the story of “Little Red Riding Hood”. Could you please share this with your child so they are aware of the story and the characters.  Thank you, Tracy and Jenny.

Year 1

For homework this week I would like the children to complete the following tasks:

Numeracy: The 2 Times Table. The children must colour in the grid and complete the sums below.  Please practice reciting the two times table at home and counting objects in groups of two.

Literacy: Language Practice. Finish the sentences using the words from the box.  Then match the pictures that rhyme, words that sound the same.


Pear and Bear, Hair and Chair, Cake and Rake, Clock and Sock

Then the children must think of a word that rhymes with Tree, Ant, Tent and Thumb

Possible Answers:

Tree, Bee, Knee, He, See

Ant, Elephant

Tent, Went, Sent

Thumb, Plum, Drum, Some

Kind regards

Miss Maddison

Year 3

Due date 27th February 2015

Hello everyone,

Thank you all for attending the parents evenings. I hope everybody got all the information they were looking for. If anyone has any questions, please contact me at any time.

The children have had a busy week. We have been reviewing topics in numeracy and making sure everyone is comfortable with all aspects before we move on. In literacy we have been looking at factual pieces of writing and looking at the different techniques used in creating newspaper articles.

We have also been working hard in science, history, geography and r.e. I think the children have earned a rest!!

Literacy: As I said earlier the children have been learning about newspaper reports. I would like them to create their own report on an event during their holidays. Please include a headline, a picture and don’t forget the 5 w’s.

Numeracy: I have prepared a few sheets that will help the children practice the different areas of maths that we have been working on.

As usual the children will have spellings to learn and their regular reading.

Please have a great carnival  and enjoy the break!

Miss Emma

Year 4

More Challenging Group:

English: Spelling: Learn spelling words on p.44 and do exercises p.45 on the provided paper. Test on Wednesday.

Punctuation: Do the exercises on speech marks on p. 38.

Maths: Complete Maths on Fractions.

Less Challenging Group: 

English: Spelling: Learn spelling words on p.44 Do NOT do the exercises. Test on Wednesday.

Grammar: Do the exercises on nouns p. 6.

Maths: Complete Maths on Fractions.

Notices for Parents

This homework is for Friday 27th of February. There are now two sets of homework. If you feel that your child does not understand or cannot do this homework, please indicate it in the diary and they shall be given the other set. Please remember to read and sign the diaries.

Los deberes de esta semana se deberán entregar el viernes 27 de febrero. Ahora hay dos formatos de deberes diferentes. Si pensáis que vuestro hijo no puede hacer estos deberes o no los entiende, por favor indíquenlo en la agenda y le daremos los otros deberes. Por favor recuerden leer y firmar las agendas cada día.

Thank you! Muchas gracias!

Mr. Alzuria

Year 5

Literacy: This week in Literacy we have been learning about debating. After voting on a topic from a list of possible arguments the children need to write their speech either for or against for homework. The topic they will be arguing is:

Should homework be banned?

The children also have their spelling lists and reading books.

Numeracy: This week apart from using the loop card games we created for homework in the previous week we have been learning about Perimeter and area of rectangles and compound shapes. For homework the children have a sheet on finding the area of these shapes.

Catalan: Fer les preguntes del quadern del detectiu.

The children also need to learn their lines for the play we will be performing at assembly on Ancient Greece.

Year 6

Topic: finish activities 1, 2 and 3 of their booklet on ‘What causes rivers to flood?

English: Draw a cartoon strip about a scene of your choice and read one scene per day

Maths: Finish the maths worksheets with exercises from previous SATs. Students need to do the exercises alone, without using a calculator

Science: Complete the worksheets about the circulatory system

Year 7

English: read one scene of Richard III each day and use Shakespeare online to help you understand what is going on. Also draw a scene from the play for display

Geography: Research the Barcelona Olympics of 1992. How did Barcelona change? What were the benefits? What were the negative effects?

Drama: Learn lines for Richard III.

History: complete poster about a medieval city of your choice and prepare your presentation

Maths: Complete worksheets

Science: Write a laboratory report about your chemistry experiments

Year 8

English: complete essay about the theme of love in Romeo and Juliet in neat

Drama: Learn lines and continue making film trailer for Romeo and Juliet – remember to use lines from the script!

 History: complete essay about why Charles I lost the civil war in neat

Geography: Complete the two climate graphs for the south of England and Catalonia and answer the questions about each

Maths: Finish your statistics report about who the best footballer is

Science: Improve and finalize your science presentations including all the previous comments

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