Year 1 Judges the Year 6 Mask Contest

ATbKKRXjcLast Friday the children of Year 1 became judges of the Year 6 Carnival Mask Competition!

Oliver, in Year 6, explains:
We just had a competition and we had to make masks. Then we did a catwalk. Next, we went to stand next to the wall and Year 1 had to choose their favourite masks. Then the boys and girls who weren’t chosen had to go and sit down. Then we did the same until there was only one person left and that was me. I was the boy!  I won the competition!!!

Alejandra, Liz, and Mar in Year 1 said: “Today we looked at the masks and we had to choose our favourite. We had to vote for the best one.  There was music and the children did funny walks and dances.”

To which Year 1’s Alvaro added: “I liked the dancing and Oliver’s mask.”

Congratulations Oliver, and thanks to all of Year 1 for being such excellent judges!

year 6 masks

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