Homework for February 9 – 13


Activities based on the nursery rhyme “Polly put the Kettle On”; pencil control, sequencing, odd-one-out and recognizing the prepositions ‘on’ and ‘off’.

Year 1 

Numeracy: Time. This week in Maths we have been looking at Weight and Time. The children have really enjoyed using the scales in class to experiment with different weights. Talking about this at home would reinforce all they have learnt this week about heavier and lighter objects. We have also started to look at Telling the Time! The worksheet that I would like the children to complete practices drawing hands on a clock.

Literacy: Comprehension. The children must look at the pictures, read the sentence and then tick the box that
tells the story. I have been very impressed recently with the fantastic reading in class! I have seen a huge improvement and the children are excited and motivated.

Science: Well done to everyone who tried the yogurt pot experiment, all of the children were very excited to show me their pots and tell me about their findings!

I look forward to meeting with you all on Monday and Wednesday next week!

Year 2

Literacy: This week we practiced adjectives in stories. Ask your child characteristics of animals (Koala bear, snake, kitten, dog, frog, horse). Lazy, scaly, fluffy, energetic, slimy and gentle. We have also practiced spelling and phonics this week, kids have done a great job spelling! Spelling homework will be written in the spelling book. Please make sure they complete the First and Second try.

Numeracy: This week children have practiced two digit additions and subtractions in the number lines. They have done a great effort. This weekend they need to continue practicing additions and subtractions.

We also practiced counting backwards in IOS. Make sure they memorize the numbers counting backwards.

Continue practicing with them the additions and subtractions in a number line. They are improving their skills very fast!

Science: We talked about the butterfly life cycle. Practice at home the 4 stages: Eggs, caterpillar, pupa, butterfly. Make questions about what happens when the butterfly becomes an adult butterfly, and how does the cycles work.

Geography: We started discovering the world this week talking about the 5 continents. Ask your child to name them and find them in a world map, it will be useful to see continents graphically.

Please read with your child 10 minutes every day. Make sure they understand what they are reading; we will need to help them increase their vocabulary.

Year 3

Literacy: This week the children have been learning about newspaper reports. They have begun to investigate the different techniques used and the questions they answer.

I would like the children to read the article given and complete the table.

Numeracy: This week we have been looking at time and how we convert from an analogue to a digital clock. Please complete worksheets provided.

Religious education: We have come to the end of our Islam topic. We are now going to investigate Christianity. Please can the children think about the things they would like to know and compile a list.

History: Our topic this term is the Anglo-Saxons. We have been investigating the way they lived, their traditions and how they came to find their settlements. I want the children to think about how time progresses and how things change. I would like the children to create their own personal timeline, from birth to the present day. The children can include pictures and anything else to show the progression of their lives. I will give the children card to complete this task.

Year 4

More challenging group: 

English: Spelling: Learn spelling words on p.42 and do exercises p.43 on the provided paper. Test on Wednesday.
Punctuation: Do the exercises on apostrophes on p. 36.

Maths: Complete Maths on Addition and Subtraction.

Less challenging group: 

English: Spelling: Learn spelling words on p.42 Do NOT do the exercises. Test on Wednesday.
Grammar: Do the exercises on nouns p. 5.

Maths: Complete Maths on Addition and Subtraction.

Year 5

Cross Curricular Topic/Literacy: This week we have been learning about the Trojan War as part of our topic on Ancient Greece. For homework the children have a reading comprehension to complete on this. They also need to create their own front cover of the Trojan Times newspaper announcing the fall of Troy to the Greek army and their Trojan horse.

The children also have their spelling lists and reading books.

Numeracy: This week apart from using the loop card games we created for homework in the previous week we have been consolidating our knowledge of subtraction. For homework the children have a sheet of subtractions and worded questions.

PSHE: As we near the end of our unit of work on ‘Going for goals’, the children need to consider the question ‘What can I teach the class?’

They need to prepare a short presentation on an area of their own expertise for the rest of the class.

Year 6

Religion: Finish off the speech in role as one of the witnesses to Jesus’ feeding of the 5000. Remember to persuade the local people to follow Jesus using the reasons discussed in class and EATADEER.
English: In year 6 we have continued to develop our shortened production of Macbeth and have made some fantastic progress in learning lines – very difficult considering it is Shakespeare! Write Macbeth’s diary.
Maths: Finish the worksheets for Averages and Statistics
Science: Each groups has to write a short essay explaining the Science experiment about the heart beat. The best one will be published in the blog

Year 7

Drama: Learn lines for parts in Richard III.
Year 7 have continued to develop their Richard III performances in drama and are also working well on learning their lines.
English: Complete work on homophones
Geography: Complete work on child exploitation
History: Write a letter from London in the Middle Ages
Maths: Finish the exercises about sequences and functions.
Science: Bring sugar for the Science experiment

Year 8 

Art: Students have begun their photo-montage of a character they have chosen from a book. Remember to bring in as many magazines, newspapers, photos (that you don’t mind being cut up!) and materials to help you create your piece of work.

English: Write about the theme of love in Romeo and Juliet

History: Prepare you civil war essay

Geography: Complete work on rain and clouds

Maths: Correct the mistakes from the last Math exam.
Science: Incorporate the comments and suggestions to improve the presentations.

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