Holiday Homework for Years 1 and 5

We hope that everyone has had a relaxing, fun-filled holiday, spent with family and friends. We are sure that everyone is refreshed and ready to start a new term, one filled with new challenges, exciting events, and amazing excursions.

Some teachers have assigned homework over the holiday, and in case you’d like to check on your children’s progress, here is the rundown


Year 1

I would like the children to practice their reading and tricky words.

I would also like the families to take every opportunity to practice the maths skills the children have acquired this term in practical everyday situations.
These past months we have been looking at animals so I recommend nature walks, trips to the farm or zoo and reading books.

There are lots of great websites and applications you can download for ipads where the children can practice their language, reading and maths skills.

Year 5 

Literacy: As an introduction to next term´s topic of Ancient Greece the children have been looking at some famous fables created by Aesop.  Aesop lived in the early sixth century. A slave after having been captured in war, he achieved a reputation for the great wit he demonstrated while telling tales in discussion and negotiation.

The concise structure and language of fables have a wonderful effect on young readers and writers. Children learn to recognise predictable narrative structure and patterns and apply these to original writing.

Using the shared context of stories, children feel comfortable exploring the moral domain, developing critical thinking about ethical issues, and reflecting on their own values.

The children need to complete the activity on fables over the Christmas break.

The children also have their reading books and spelling lists.

Numeracy: Over the holidays the children will have a series of maths revision sheets to complete.

As well I hope the children will take time to relax, rest and refresh, ready to produce lots of great work in Term 2.

If you don’t find your child’s homework here, be sure to have a look at their folders as this is simply a reminder. See you soon, and we hope you’re looking forward to the next term as much as we are! 


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