Homework for December 15 – 19

reading-clipart1The last week before the Christmas holiday!


The Reception children have two dot-to-dot pictures to complete this week. This activity encourages; correct pencil grip, fine motor control, counting to 20 and recognising and ordering numerals to 20.
Year 1

For homework this week I would like the children to complete the following tasks:

Numeracy: Let’s Go Shopping. The children have to buy two vegetables and then draw the pennies they spent.  It would be a great idea if the children could help you pay for small items in shops and practice counting coins at home.

Literacy: The Richmond Christmas Party. I would like the children to draw a picture of their favourite part of The Richmond Christmas Party and write a sentence about their evening.

Year 2

Numeracy: The home work this week is a review of the work covered throughout the term. Please complete the worksheets attached.

Literacy: This week the children have been focused on Christmas and also they have been looking at expanding their vocabulary when writing. Homework is to write a letter to Santa asking him for the things they would like to receive for Christmas and also the things they would like for the new year.

Year 3

Numeracy: This week the children have been looking at division and multiplication. Please complete the attached worksheet.

Literacy: This week again the children have been looking at poetry. We have been focusing on many different poetic techniques. We have also been looking at expanding our vocabulary by using powerful verbs, nouns and adjectives. For homework I would like the children to create a Christmas poem using the techniques we have looked at.

Please decorate as the best one will go on the blog!

Miss Emma

Year 4 

English: Spelling: Learn spelling words on p.32 and do exercises p.33 on the provided paper. Test on Wednesday. Punctuation: Do the exercises on question marks and exclamation marks on p. 26.

Maths: Complete Maths on Time. Remember am and pm. Also, remember what the big hand of a clock does, what the small hand does. Remember when we say “past” and when we say “to”.

Topic: Find out how they celebrate Christmas in a country from whatever part of the world you wish. Create a presentation. Please DO NOT choose Spain, The United Kingdom, the United States of America or any of your own countries of origin. Try to choose something completely different to what we are used to.

Year 5

Literacy: In this cross-curricular activity the children have a reading comprehension exercise to complete on Viking Myths. Vikings loved to tell stories and recite poems. Lots of their stories are about the Norse gods. This one is called ‘Loki´s children’.

The children also have their spelling lists and reading books.

 Numeracy: As we near the end of the first term the children will complete the first two of a series of maths revision sheets.

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