Year 5’s “Just So Stories”

just soRudyard Kipling’s “Just So Stories for Little Children” was first published in 1902, and has been beloved ever since. A collection of origin stories, the book includes, among many others, “How the Camel Got His Hump,” “How the Leopard Got His Spots,” and probably most famously, “The Elephant’s Child/How the Elephant Got His Trunk.”

Well, Year 5 has come up with their own “Just So Stories,” and while we’re afraid we can’t publish all of them, here is a selection of some great ones.

“How The Platypus Got His Bill”
by Pedro

platypus-4One day Lucky duck was walking to the river. The duck heard somebody crying in the river. The duck saw a platypus crying, and Lucky said to the platypus, “What is wrong?”

The platypus said, “I don’t have a girlfriend.” 

Lucky said to the platypus, “Do you want to be my boyfriend?”

The platypus said, “Yes!”

One day Lucky kissed the platypus, and the platypus started to grow a bill. With every kiss, the bill grew more and more and more. And this is how the platypus got his duck bill. 

“How the Zebra Got His Stripes”
by Boo

zebra2Once upon a time, many years ago in Africa, the zebras were white like horses. They were very hungry animals so one day a zebra found a very strange fruit, and near the fruit was a panther called Fanny. The zebra was called Zacie. 

The panther said that the fruit was delicious, so Zacie tried it. The panther said, “Look at yourself,” and Zacie said, “What?”

And in the river she saw that she had a lot of stripes and she was very happy because she was different than the other zebras. 

Some weeks later she told all the other zebras, and all of them ate that strange fruit and all of them got stripes.

One day they decided to meet the white horses. The horses all asked, “What happened to you all?”

Then a human saw the zebras and he said, “What beautiful animals!”

And they’ve all been happy ever since. 

“How the Pelican Got His Big Beak”
by Oscar

draw-pelicanOne day a pelican named Sky, who was very sweet, was lost. He didn’t know where his home was. He flew and flew but he didn’t find his home.

But after a while, Sky saw a mountain. He flew up the mountain and he saw a lot of fish. He flew down and he saw his family. 

He went to them and told them what he’d seen, and all the pelicans went to eat the fish. And this is how the pelican got his big beak. 



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