Big Book Fair at Richmond

{9950A5A2-A0F3-4B53-9E65-ACF8CA478EFD}_bookfair_whiteOn December 3rd Bookbox International will be visiting and holding a Book Fair at the school. A huge range of quality books will be on display and the children will have a chance to visit the book fair to buy a book during the day.

Prices will range from €4.00 to €10.00. The children will be bringing home an envelope which can be used to bring in money.If you choose to use the envelope, please make sure it is clearly labelled with your child’s name and the amount enclosed. This should then be handed to the class teacher for safekeeping.In addition the fair will be open before and after school for parents to visit.


 Hundreds of books from the top children’s book publishers will be on display including:

·      Beautifully illustrated picture books for younger readers.

·      A wide range of simple chapter books.

·      An exciting selection of children’s novels including books by prize winning authors such as Roald Dahl, Michael Morpurgo, Jacqueline Wilson, Anthony Horowitz, Charlie Higson, David Walliams, Rick Riordan and many others.

·      A comprehensive range of top quality reference books covering all topic areas and books to help with topic work at home.

·      A wide selection of books with CDs

·      A special selection of books to celebrate Christmas

 We hope that you will support this event as the school will receive free books based on our sales for the day. We look forward to seeing you. Read on! book_fair

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