“Mammoth Museum” By Ines and Jorge

A couple of weeks ago, as part of their study of prehistory, Years 3 and 4 went on an excursion to the Mammoth Museum in Barcelona. Ines, in Year 3, and Jorge, in Year 4, were kind enough to write up these excellent reports of their trip.
On the 30th October I went with my class to the Mammoth Museum in Barcelona. We saw a mammoth and lots of big bones and some teeth. Mammoths are extinct, this means there are no mammoths on Earth today. We saw a sabre-toothed tiger with black stripes and long, sharp teeth. Tigers are carnivorous which means they eat meat. We also saw a great big rhinoceros with a big horn. I ate a sandwich and a carrot for my lunch. I enjoyed the trip.
By Inés, Year 3
I went to the Mammoth Museum and we went on a coach. I saw a mammoth, I was scared because the mammoth was giant, hairy and ugly. The mammoth wasn’t a boy, it was a girl with her baby and it was very cute, but it had giant teeth. 
The last thing we did was make a necklace, it was fun.  Mine was black, white and brown.
By Jorge, Year 4

Excellent write-ups by both Ines and Jorge. Thank you, kids, for your hard work, and we’re glad to see that everyone had such an educational and exciting trip!

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