Homework for November 17 – 21

Dear Parents and Students,

Here is this week’s homework. If you have any questions, please contact your child’s teacher and be sure to consult the homework diaries.

Year 1

Numeracy: Months of the Year. The children must write the correct months on the worksheet. This week in class we have learnt songs to help us remember the Days of the Week and the Months of the Year. The children can teach you these songs at home!

Literacy and Topic: Matching Letters, Sounds , Words and Pictures.These  cards can be used in several ways to help the children learn to read and write. 

  1. Lay the first group of picture and letter sounds out and ask the children to look at each picture and listen for the sound in the word. If they can hear the sound, they look for the appropriate letter and match it with the pictures.
  2. The same activity can be done in reverse, by asking the children to look at a letter and say its sound. They then find the picture that shows a word with that sound.
  3. After matching all the cards the children can repeat the activity, create a memory game or stick them onto paper and colour them in.

Well done to all of the children who brought in their animal posters and booklets this week.  They all look fantastic and are displayed on the wall in our classroom!

Year 2

Literacy and History: We have been thinking about memories and remembering and we made poppies on Tuesday for Remembrance Day. Please ask your children why we did this.This week the children need to choose a small item that has a memory that is important and special for them. For example, a toy that they always go to bed with or were given when they were born. The children need to try to fill in the memory sheet and also if possible bring in the item.  During the week beginning the 24th November the children will each talk about their special item to the class using the memory sheet to help them.

Numeracy: In Numeracy we have looked at using known facts and started to look at position and direction. The children need to write simple instructions to help the robot get through the maze. It might help to walk their fingers around the route or use a LEGO person to do the same, first.

As usual there are spellings in their books to learn for Thursday, and daily reading.

Year 3

Literacy: This week the children need to practise their spellings and read very day.

Numeracy: The children have been learning what happens when you add or subtract 1, 10 and 100.  They have a sheet to revise what they have done in class.
Science: We are starting an exciting new topic all about light! The children need to be detectives; they need to find and draw as many sources of light as they can.
Year 4

Notices for Parents

This homework is for Friday 21st of November. Please remember to read and sign the diaries.

Los deberes de esta semana se deberán entregar el viernes 21 de noviembre. Por favor recuerden leer y firmar las agendas cada día.

Thank you! Muchas gracias!

Mr. Alzuria

English: Spelling: Learn spelling words on p.22 and do exercises p.23 on the provided paper. Test on Wednesday. Punctuation: Do the exercises on commas and full stops on p. 18.

Maths: Complete Maths on Divisions.

Topic: Those who didn’t do their topic presentation must please do it as soon as possible.

Year 5

Literacy: This week we have been learning about instructions and explanations. For homework the children need to create a list of instructions explaining a modern day device to a time traveler from the Victorian age. The list needs to include colons, semi-colons and brackets if necessary.

The children also have their spelling lists and reading books.

Numeracy: The children have a revision booklet to complete in preparation for a mathematics test next Friday, the 21st of November. Question 4 on the first page is a challenge question and only needs to be completed by those who want to try it.

  Years 6 – 8

Learn spellings and read for at least half an hour every evening.



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