Richmond’s Halloween Party and House Contest

IMG_20141031_181542Thanks to all for making the Halloween party such a spectacular success! The food, drink, and decorations were all provided by parents, so a huge “Thank you” to everyone who pitched in and pitched up.

The Tunnel of Terror, organized by Years 7 and 8, was indeed terrifying – well done all! IMG_20141031_181202_1


We have some very talented children and parents who came up with some fantastic ideas for the first House Competition of the year. The idea was to use mostly natural materials to create cool decorations.
We had lots of spooky pumpkins, autumn scenes, animals, spiders and scarecrows among the entries. All the children who brought something in have received House points, with the winners getting extra points.
And the winners were:
Nursery: Seth (Pegasus) and Gerard (Copernicus)
Reception: Tea ( Copernicus)
Year 1: Nino (Andromeda)
Year 2: Ivan (Polaris)
Year 3: Victor (Andromeda)
Year 4:  Damien (Copernicus)
Year 5: Inés (Andromeda)
Year 6: Martina (Pegasus)
Excellent work from everyone who entered the competition, and special congratulations to the winners! Here’s a taste of their work.

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