Homework for November 10 – 14

A fresh batch of fun.


Draw and colour or cut out and stick pictures of your favourite things to eat.

Year 1

Numeracy: Number Practice 1-20. Children need to complete the worksheet writing and filling in the missing numbers.

Literacy and Topic: My Favourite Animal. In class we have been studying animals in Science. This week I would like the children to read about and research their favourite animal. They could create a simple poster or mini booklet with pictures, drawings and some explanations. For those of you who visit the zoo this weekend, it could be the perfect opportunity to see your favourite animals in action!

Next week in class the children can present the information that they have found.

Year 2

Literacy: In Literacy the children have been working on poetry and have produced some wonderful results. This week the children need to write some lines to add to the peom Things I Have Been Doing Lately. The lines do not have to rhyme but the children should think of funny and interesting things they have been doing – or would like to do.
Of course as usual there are spellings in their books to learn for Thursday, and daily reading.

Numeracy: In Numeracy we have continued to do number patterns counting in 2s and 10s plus we have looked at our number bonds of 10 and used them to help us with other sums. The children need to use them again to fill in the sheet ‘Using pairs to ten’.

History: In history we looked at a special event that happened many years ago that English people celebrate on the 5th November every year – ask your child if they can remember any of the story and what we did in class to remember it!

Year 3

Literacy: Write about your favourite book, think about what the story is about, your favourite character and why you enjoyed it so much.  Don’t forget to learn the spellings and to read every day!
Numeracy: Revise the multiples of 2, 5 and 10 using the sheet
Geography: Label the regions of Spain using a different colour for each region – you will need to use a key.

Year 4

English: Spelling: Learn spelling words on p.20 and do exercises p.21 on the provided paper. Test on Wednesday.
Punctuation: Do the exercises on commas and full stops on p. 16.

Maths: Complete Maths on Multiples and factors.

Topic: Find out information about your country: Traditional food, celebrations, traditional clothes, famous people and famous buildings. Make a poster with information and pictures.

Notices for Parents

This homework is for Friday 14th of November. Please remember to read and sign the diaries. Also, there are still children who do not know their times tables. They should know them by now as we are using multiplication facts for finding out other things.

Los deberes de esta semana se deberán entregar el viernes 14 de noviembre. Por favor recuerden leer y firmar las agendas cada día. Además, hay algunos alumnos que aun no se saben las tablas de multiplicar. Se las deberían saber ya, ya que usamos estos conocimientos para otros fines.

Thank you! Muchas gracias!

Mr. Alzuria

Year 5

Literacy / History / ICT: This week in this cross-curricular activity the children need the use of a computer to complete the interactive Viking activity on the BBC history site. The web address is given on the homework sheet with a series of questions to be answered in full sentences about the adventure.
The children also have their spelling lists and reading books.

 Numeracy: The children have been learning how to plot points on a co-ordinate grid this week and for homework they have some co-ordinate pictures to complete. This will make a nice display in our classroom.

Year 6

Continue working on their biographies and making them entertaining.

Year 7

The ecosystem enquiry needs to be completed as homework this week.
Year 8
Students should be working on the river enquiry.


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