Year 4 Goes Prehistoric

Year 4 have been finding out about life in the Stone Age as part of an ongoing and integrated program of readings, field trips, and artwork.

The original

The original

As part of their exciting project they have tried to make their own miniature Stonehenge. Have a look at their work, and if you’ll compare, we think you’ll find that the original is pretty shoddy compared to what the kids were able to construct.

Neolithic and Bronze Age peoples transporting massive stone slabs, weighing roughly 25 tons each, about 40 kilometers and erecting them atop one another 5 meters above the ground? That’s nothing. Getting a room full of 7 and 8 year-old children to fashion a facsimile of the monument in clay? Now that’s a monumental achievement!

The class also visited the Mammoth Museum in Barcelona last week, and we’ll have a longer report on the trip coming soon to the blog. But for now, have a sneak peek at the cool stuff that the kids were able to see and touch.

Can you imagine holding a tooth that once ground the food of a giant, hairy elephant maybe a million years ago? That’s about 5 times longer than humans as a species have even existed, and about 960,000 years before we were able to paint a mammoth on the wall of a cave. History is cool.


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