Homework for November 3 – 7

science-homework-1Thank you to all of the parents, students and friends who participated in the Halloween Party and made it such a fun and fantastic event. If you have photos to share, please do!

And now that you’ve enjoyed the holiday, here’s a bit of reality with this week’s batch of homework.


1. Bring something to school which begins with the same letter (sound) as your name.

2. Find out what jobs your parents do.

Year 1

Numeracy: Counting in 10s and Halves. This week we have been looking at counting up to 100!  The children have been practicing counting in 10s and I would like them to complete the snail worksheet.  We have also looked at Halves and the children have a simple colouring sheet to revise.

Literacy:  Richmond Halloween Party. I would like all of the children to draw a picture of their favourite part of our school Halloween party.  Then the children must write labels or sentences describing their picture.  If you were unable to attend the party, the children could draw their favourite thing about Halloween!

Year 2

Literacy: There is a phonic sheet thinking of different words with the sound ‘igh’ in.  Remember this sound can be written in lots of different ways!

Mathematics: For mathematics I would like the children to play a memory game with a pack of cards, seeing if they can turn over two cards to make 10, and therefore, practise their number bonds of 10.

Also if the family have chance, visit the woods and go on a spooky, scavenger hunt – see the sheet for ideas of what to collect!

As usual there are spellings in their books to learn for Thursday, and daily reading.

Year 3

Literacy: This week Year 3 have been given a sheet to write about our exciting trip to the Mammoth museum.  They need to try to include at least five things they found out during the visit. They also have spellings to learn and they should read every day.

Numeracy: The children have been practising doubling and halving, using partitioning to help them.  They have been given a sheet to practice what they have learnt.
Year 4

Notices for Parents:
This homework is for Friday 7th of November. Please remember to read and sign the diaries. Also, there are still children who do not know their times tables. They should know them by now as we are using multiplication facts for finding out other things.

Los deberes de esta semana se deberán entregar el viernes 7 de noviembre. Por favor recuerden leer y firmar las agendas cada día. Además, hay algunos alumnos que aun no se saben las tablas de multiplicar. Se las deberían saber ya, ya que usamos estos conocimientos para otros fines.

Thank you! Muchas gracias!

Mr. Alzuria

Literacy: Spelling: Learn spelling words on p.18 and do exercises p.19 on the provided paper. Test on Wednesday.
Punctuation: Do the exercises on commas and full stops on p. 13.

Numeracy: Complete work on perimeters and areas.

Year 5

Literacy:  This week we have looking at recounts in relation to UFO sightings. We have written our own Alien diary entries and written eyewitness accounts of alien encounters. For homework the children need to decide the correct word to use in a range of different sentences. The incorrect word then needs to be used in the correct context in a sentence written by the children.

The children also have their spelling lists and reading books, as well as their assembly scripts of ‘Dr. Who and the Vikings’ to learn their lines.

Numeracy: In these Halloween-inspired numeracy activities children use the concepts of multiplication, division, prime factors and BIDMAS, all of which they have been learning in class, to solve the puzzles.

Year 6 

Year 6 are working on a biography of someone they know. They also need to prepare a presentation about that person.
Year 7
English: Read the mystery poems and decide whether they are effective or not.
History: Continue with how did William control England?
Geography: Students will be working on their ecosystems inquiry.
Year 8
English: Read the end of ‘Kidnapped’ and produce a character analysis of Alan Breck.
History: Did England become Protestant in the sixteenth century?
Geography: The river inquiry



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