Homework For October 20 – 24

This is a busy week for Richmond students, so be sure to have a look at the homework!


  1. Bring in a photograph of your family (immediate family, i.e. parents and siblings).
  2. Bring in a photograph of your pet(s) if they have them.
  3. Think of some ideas for names for the class gerbil.

 Year 1

Literacy: The children need to read the words at the top of the page and practice writing b and d. Then they must look at the pictures below and choose a /b/ or /d/ sound.

Numeracy: Short and Long. This week we have been looking at how to measure length. As revision I would like the children to complete the Long and Short worksheets. As extra practice at home you could see who can jump the furthest distance, which is the shortest spaghetti strand, who has the longest hair etc.

Topic: Toys. In History this week we have been talking about and looking at old toys. I would like the children to ask their parents and grandparents questions about the toys they liked to play with when they were younger. Are any of them the same as their own favourite toys? The children need to be ready to share the information with the class next Wednesday.

Year 2

Literacy: In Literacy we have been talking about instructions and recipes. We have used the book ‘The Shopping Basket’ by John Burningham for inspiration to write lists, instructions for a dance and how to escape. We have also practiced our phonics, and this week the children need to find and think about words that have the ‘sh’ sound in them and write and draw them on the sheet. They also need to practice their handwriting for the curly caterpillar letters.

Numeracy: We have been measuring lots of different things.  The children this week need to measure and record, using their decimetre strips, how tall each member of the family is and then draw them onto the squared paper using one square for each decimetre.

Science: We investigated the effect of heat on bread and corn this week and made toast and popcorn! The children need to fill in the table thinking about the materials and what happens to them when they have been heated, and whether we can change them back again.

Of course there are also spellings in their books to learn for Thursday, and please try to read with your child daily and sign in their reading record book. We have also been reading Colin McNaughton books, that feature Preston Pig, which the class have enjoyed listening to.

 Year 3

English: We have been looking at different types of writing this week. For their homework I would like the children to write a list of their favourite clothes, toys, films or animals. They also have spellings to learn and they should read every day.  Please remember to write in their reading record books when they read at home, thank-you!

Maths: We have been doing lots of work on subtraction and learnt how to use Maths Frog to help us to find the difference between two numbers. The children have been given a sheet to practise what they been taught in class.

 Year 4

English: Spelling: Learn spelling words on p.14 and do exercises p.15 on the provided paper. Test on Wednesday. Punctuation: Do the exercises on Capital letters and full stops on p. 10.

Maths: Complete Maths on Multiplying p. 14. Use the grid method for finding the answers to 2 digit multiplications.

 Year 5

Literacy: In this cross-curricular activity the children need to fill out a job application where they will apply for a classroom monitor position. The focus is on ‘Who am I’ from PSHE and on autobiographies which we have been writing this week in Literacy. They will then role play an interview with me during the coming week.The children also have their spelling list books and school reading books.

Numeracy: At the beginning of the week we learnt about multiples and factors. The first piece of homework is constructing prime factor trees. At the end of the week we applied our knowledge of multiples and factors to form equivalent fractions. The second piece of numeracy homework is on this topic.

Year 6

English: Complete 4 paragraphs of your detective story using the structure you were given in class.

Maths: Finish the division worksheets, but try to estimate the answer first. Use multiplication to check whether the answer is correct. Then correct the mistakes from last week’s worksheets.  Write the correct answers in your maths books.

Year 7

Geography: Complete Mediterranean vegetation

History: Revise the Norman Conquest of Britain

English: Complete animal story.

Maths: Finish this week’s worksheets.  Then review prime factors, rounding, HCF and LMC

Science:  Finish their posters

Year 8

History: Complete Henry VIII poster

Geography: Complete “what happens at a river bend?”

English: Write about how Robert Louis Stevenson explores the theme of friendship

Maths: Do the problem about fractions and percentages. Then create a mathematical representation of a meal this weekend using the concepts of fractions and percentages.

Science:  Finish the presentation about ebola.


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