Homework for October 13 – 17

homework5Hi all, here is this week’s batch of homework. Don’t wait until the last minute!


Students should ask their parents when their birthday is. Parents need to write the exact date in the agenda for me, but I hope that the children can all come to school next week and tell me which month their birthday is in. They also need to bring a passport-sized photo of themselves for our class birthday balloons.

Also, “Show and Tell” is going to start next week. Items for Show and Tell can include a toy, a book, a photo, or just about anything which the child wants to bring to school to tell us about! I will tell the children on Friday which is their Show and Tell day and also write it in their agendas for the parents.

Year 1

Numeracy: Telling the time. This week in class we have been learning how to tell the time!  We have played lots of fun games to practice and the children can all tell the time to the hour. The children need to complete a simple worksheet colouring the hands onto the clocks using red for the hour hand and blue for the minute hand. Please talk to your children about their daily routine, the time they wake up, eat breakfast, go to school etc

Literacy:   Caterpillar and Kicking. The children need to read the words at the top of the page and then look at the pictures and write the words underneath.

Year 2

Literacy: This week we have been talking about superheros, comics and speech bubbles but we have also thought about our handwriting and how we write carefully starting each letter from the bottom, on the line.  The children need to complete the sheet carefully for the long ladder letters. Please make sure your child is holding his pencil correctly, as well as starting and forming the letters correctly.

Numeracy: We have continued counting in 10s and the children need to fill in the blank multiples of ten on the sheet. They should also practice writing their numbers correctly to 10.

Science: As we continue to look at materials and how they are changed, could the children please draw or find a picture of an object and then try to draw how it was made.  For example the student could draw a jumper, a picture of someone knitting and then a picture of a sheep. They can use the website from last week for ideas.

There are also spellings in their books to learn for Thursday, and please try to read with your child daily and sign in their reading record book.

Year 3

Literacy: This week the children brought in their favorite toy to talk about with the other children in class.  I would like them to draw a picture and write a description of their toy on the sheet .

Please learn the list of spellings for a test on Friday, and the children should read their book each day.

Numeracy: The children have been practising addition using place value cards to help them. They have a sheet with two-digit numbers on it.  They have to choose two numbers and add them together using the method they learnt in class.  Please try to do at least 10 different additions.

Science: The children have been learning about pushes and pulls. They have to look around their house and draw things that move when they are pushed, pulled or pushed and pulled.

Year 4

English: Spelling: Learn spelling words on p.12 and do exercises p.13 on the provided paper. Test on Wednesday.

Punctuation: Do the exercises on Capital letters and full stops on p. 8.

Maths: Complete Maths on Multiplying p. 13. Use the grid method for finding the answers to 2 digit multiplications.

Year 5

Literacy/History: In this cross-curricular activity the children will need the use of a computer. The activity is called Viking Quest and the site can be found at:  www.bbc.co.uk/history/interactive/games/viking_quest/vikingquest

This web address is also given on the homework sheet. After completing the activity they must answer the related questions given on the sheet and write about the Viking chief’s thoughts on their journey. They can complete the activity as many times as they like. I hope they will enjoy it as much as I did.

The children also have their spelling list books and school reading books.

Numeracy: As we have been looking at shapes and angles this week, the tasks are practicing finding angles using a protractor and classifying quadrilaterals.

Years 6,7 and 8

English: Learn spellings. Read the texts we are studying in class. Read a book for 30 minutes every night

Years 7 and 8

Review the history and geography units we are covering in class

Review the science and maths covered this week in school.

Well, that should keep the children busy in the evenings. Good luck, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the class teacher.

2 responses to “Homework for October 13 – 17

  1. Apreciados padres y editores del Blog

    Quiero dar las gracias a los editores del Blog por su trabajo desinteresado, su frescura y el buen rollo.

    Dicho esto, me llama la atención de la poca información que se brinda de los cursos superiores. Solo ver la escasísima información general sobre las actividades de los cursos superiores y la repetida “coletilla” de los deberes de Y6-Y7-Y8. Entiendo que no es culpa de los editores del Blog, pero me gustaría daros mi opinión para que lo comentéis con quién os esté pasando la información desde el colegio.

    Lamentablemente, otros canales de comunicación con la escuela son ausentes.

    Muchas Gracias

    Federico Gómez Yerón (padre de Y6 and Y8)

    • I absolutely agree with everything you write, and we are working on getting more information about the upper year groups on the blog. We are also working on having better channels of communication between parents and the school administration. I will be sure to pass this information on to the appropriate people. Thank you for reading the blog, taking the time to comment, and for taking a passionate interest in the life of the school.

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