Homework for October 6 – 10

science-homework-1Here is this week’s batch of homework. Have fun!

Year 3

English: The children need to imagine that they have opened a door into a magical world.  They need to think about that they can hear,see smell and feel and use some good adjectives to describe their world.

As it was National Poetry Day in England last week, the children have been given some poems to learn.  They need to choose at least one to recite without using the paper to help them.

Spellings: The children tried very hard in their first spelling test last week.  They have been given another list of ten words to practise.

Maths: The children have a sheet to practise the work we have done in class during the week.

Year 4

English: Spelling – Learn spelling words on p.9 and do exercises p.10 on the provided paper. Test on Wednesday.

Punctuation – Do the exercises on Capital letters and full stops on p. 6.

Maths: Complete maths on Multiplication p. 7.

Notices for Parents: This homework is for Friday 10th of October. Please remember to read and sign the diaries. Also, the children should learn their part of the given poem to recite at next week’s assembly.

Year 5

Literacy: Following on from the Just So Stories we have been reading in class the children are now creating their own animal tale. They should try to complete their stories for next week. We then plan to read them to the Year 2 class. The children also have their spelling list books and school reading books.

Numeracy: In this cross curricular activity the children need to solve some mathematical puzzles about Viking longboats.

Years 6,7 and 8

English: Learn spellings. Read the texts we are studying in class. Read a book for 30 minutes every night.

Years 7 and 8

Review the history and geography units we are covering in class.

Review the science and maths covered this week in school.



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