Years 6 and 7 Explore Spain’s History in Tarragona and Calafell

Ancient-ruins-in-Tarragon-001On Thursday, 13th March, Years 6 and 7 went on a field trip to Calafell and Tarragona.

In Calafell, Richmond students visited the Iberian Citadel and learned all about how the Ibers lived in Spain from the 7th century BC until the 1st century BC, almost 3,000 years ago. The Ibers enjoyed, for the period, quite a sophisticated life, living in houses rather like ours today. Their society was a complex one, where people had different social status depending on their jobs, and they even had their own alphabet.

Their eating habits were very similar to ours; they ground some cereals like wheat and barely and cultivated familiar crops such as lentils. The Ibers learnt how to cultivate grapes and make wine from the Phoenicians. They also consumed a variety of seafood from the Mediterranean, and had domesticated animals like horses, pigs, goats and sheep.

In Tarragona our students were able to compare the Iberian and Roman civilizations. They visited the Amphitheatre (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), the Circus, and the Roman museum to discover how the Roman’s lived, how they entertained themselves, and the gods they worshiped. They also explored the role of the Emperors, especially Hadrian, who spent two years living in Tarragona, or Tarraco as it was called in Roman times.


The trip was a great success, and both classes really enjoyed themselves. It was a fantastic opportunity to see firsthand all the information we have been covering in History.

Richmond International School would like to thank our kind hosts, especially for speaking English during the visit. We can’t wait to go back!

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