New Sports Field

playingrugbyRichmond has just acquired a massive new sports field! Just up the street from the school, the 6000 square meter property is perfect for football, baseball, or pretty much any sporting activity, but some lucky students got to be the first to check it out with a game of rugby. But this new property is going to be much more than just a venue for sports.

In keeping with Richmond’s ethos of being a green school that encourages an appreciation of healthy food, a sense of responsibility and stewardship for the natural world, and an understanding of the biological rhythms and systems of nature, the school is planning to create an organic garden where our kids can grow their own fruits and vegetables. Who knows, maybe they’ll even start supplying the school with fresh organic produce.

We’re really excited about this new outdoor space, and plan to make the most of it, so keep an eye out for more information and photos in the coming weeks. For now, have a look at some shots from the inaugural rugby game last week.


Warming up


Getting a feel for the ball

Game on!

Game on!

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